Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Didn't bother with black/white step.. gonna try to jump into color right away for a while. Also gonna try to work wayyyy looser, trying out new brushes and textures etc - wanting to develop an understanding of atmosphere


  1. Wow! it looks awesome!

    I've never successfully done the black and white to color approach. How is working the reverse?

    Normally I just jump straight to color.

    This is really awesome though, any favorite textures you used?

  2. thanks :D
    black and white is nice because it really lets you focus on lighting and value (bringing certain forms forward, letting others fade away), however, playing with subtle colors can also do this - saturation will make things pop forward, and dull colors will fade - color temperature is good to pay attention to as well.. working directly with color is nice for that; sometimes doing a black/white step makes everything pretty neutral. sometimes i desaturate my color copy to see which areas need darks and lights though.. it just takes playing!

    i just downloaded some brushes that im liking.. check out: