Monday, December 29, 2008

New thing updated

well heres an update - rough colors and such. theres a bunch more effects i wanted to do, but i havent had practice with them - i will have to experiment! - after i finish this, i think ill do a close up of the mutated creature, and then model it! (maybe just the bust so i can get in a ton of detail) - right now the mutated character has arbitrary things on her, but on the closeup ill pay attention to what characteristics i give her ^_^

my biggest challenge today was keeping the environment a background element - earlier the background and characters were clashing - my eye couldnt tell what i was supposed to look at! - so i darkened the background and blurried it up a little - ill need to give my characters a little more contrast so people know they are supposed to be the subjects

1 comment:

  1. AWE. SOME. I love the highlights and the very dramatic lighting. And the motion. Oh, and the detail that is already coming through. And the DOF that you're developing. You're my art/drawing hero.