Tuesday, December 23, 2008

New thing..

so as some of you may know, i have a dream of creating a graphic novel when im.. 60 years old (because thats when ill finally have the time to work on it) - but that doesnt mean i cant make my ideas NOW.. so here is a new panel/frame/whatever from my story (which is very far from done so i wont even bother to explain it) - this is a WIP, so color and sorts will come later this week

i think i might model a better high detailed version of my amphibian species.. the last one i did was rendered too dark and.. i might just do the bust - idunno....

anyways stay tuned ^_^


  1. Cooooool! What's your graphic novel going to be about?

  2. well in a nutshell..:

    this amphibious species lives in way way deep waters - no light at all.., except for bioluminescence - glowy jellyfish lanterns, captured animals in cages that act as light, and farmed glowing plants for food and light

    they start getting attacks on their city from mutant creatures, and the monsters are getting bigger and weirder with each attack... a group of amphibiouspeople leave in anger and try to find the surface (this city used to be closer to the surface, but earthquakes and centuries later it sunk) - this group DIES! except for one who decides to return to the city...

    he heads towards what he thinks might be the city.. but its.. THE OASIS (i drew this once before. its on deviantart)

    the oasis is mutated everything but very full of life and color and beauty. it causes this guy to mutate and gives him abilities such as sonar, glowiness and the like. but... his mind is lost in the mutation!

    at first hes not lost.. he can find his city! he returns home and tells a few about the oasis and leads them there... they all stay there for a while and THEN they lose their minds.... (i might have 1 guy be enhanced and cursed but not completely lost - like the hero with a flaw)

    sooo the city has to deal with the mutated things and the oasis - i have more to the story but i dont wanna give too many details - ill start giving those with drawings!

    this drawing involves one of the mutated trying to draw a normal guy into the oasis

  3. You should put all your friends in the comic! Hehe...